Jared Bernstein & Kathleen Bryant

Jared Bernstein is an economist and senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. He was formerly chief economist to Vice President Joe Biden and a member of President Barack Obama’s economics team.

Kathleen Bryant is a Research Assistant in the Federal Fiscal team at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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There Is No ‘Trump Economy,’ Especially in Workers’ Paychecks

Unless you’re in the top few percent, Trump's mark on the economy isn't pretty. 

AP Photo/Evan Vucci President Donald Trump waves as he arrives for a campaign rally in Las Vegas. T o hear President Trump and his economics team tell the story, the U.S. economy was in shambles until they came along to fix it. The falsity of this claim is widely known to the majority who have learned that this president lies a lot. But as the overall U.S. economy has been posting some impressive numbers, it’s worth taking a quick dive into these claims. To telegraph our punchline, our analysis clearly reveals that Trump is riding trends he inherited. He took office in year eight of a solid expansion, and he’s benefitting from its continuation. Yet, while growth remains strong, it is not reaching working people, and here, the President’s policies—specifically, his corporate tax cuts—are playing a role. To be fair, presidents always take credit for growth on their watch (and defer blame for negative trends), but, as in so many other areas, Trump is different. His inaugural speech spoke...