Beat the Press Coming Home to CEPR's Website

On April 1, 1996, way before anyone heard of a blog, Beat the Press
began as a weekly commentary called "Reading Between the Lines" on the
Economic Policy Institute's website. I started writing it because I felt
that major media outlets were often obscuring rather than explaining
major economic issues.

Since then BTP has gone through many format and name changes. When Mark
Weisbrot and I founded the Center for Economic and Policy Research over
10 years ago, it moved with me and was renamed the "Economic Reporting
Review," or ERR (the acronym was not an accident), and in its tenth year
BTP got its current name, became a daily blog, and joined the Tapped
lineup at The American Prospect. I want to express my gratitude to TAP
for hosting Beat the Press and exposing it to its well-informed and
thoughtful readership over the past four years.

On April 1, 2010, its 14th anniversary, Beat the Press will be coming
home to the Center for Economic and Policy Research's website. Again,
I'd like to thank TAP for graciously offering to co-post Beat the Press
for two more weeks and redirecting readers to BTP's new home page. I hope you will not only follow Beat the Press to its new home, but also continue to
check in at Tapped for the important perspective that they provide to us

--Dean Baker

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