NOW THAT'S SOME FAMILY VALUES. The New Orleans Times-Picayune has interviewed the prostitute Senator David Vitter used to frequent back in Louisiana. But the article contains this puzzling passage:

Yow, contacted through relatives, called The Times-Picayune Wednesday night and said Vitter was a regular customer of hers, but said the two did not have a romantic relationship. She claimed to have severed ties with him after she found out he was married.

So they weren't dating, he was just a customer. But when she found out he was married, she told him not to come around anymore. I realize they have a long and honorable tradition of prostitution in New Orleans, but do the working girls down there have some stringent code of ethics that demands different standards than their counterparts everywhere else in the world? They don't service married Johns? Isn't that a significant portion of their business? What's going on here?

You may now return to your regularly scheduled wonky policy discussions.

-- Paul Waldman

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