Post Uses Xenophobia to Advance Its Budget Agenda

The Post once again used xenophobia to push its budget agenda as editorial page editor Fred Hiatt darkly warned readers that as a result of projected future budget deficits: "the United States would be increasingly at the mercy of China, Saudi Arabia and other lenders."

Of course, as every econ 101 student knows, budget deficits do not determine the indebtedness of the U.S. to foreigners, the trade deficit does. The trade deficit in turn is the result of an over-valued dollar. The Post has actually been a supporter of the "strong dollar" policy that has given the U.S. high trade deficits. So, when it comes to the policy that actually puts us "at the mercy of China, Saudi Arabia and other lenders," the Post has been on the wrong side.

It is also worth noting that the protectionist policies that the Post supports are a big factor in the deficit. If the U.S. allowed freer trade in health care services, especially the provision of Medicare, it could lead to enormous savings for the government and huge income gains to beneficiaries.

--Dean Baker

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