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Aaron Freedman is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Follow him on Twitter at @freedaaron.

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Why Should We Care About Faux Free-Speech Warriors? Because the Koch Brothers Are Paying Their Bills.

Money from the Koch network is finding its way into the hands of the loudest online promoters of free speech—or at least, free speech for conservative viewpoints.

There is a war on free speech, and the front lines are YouTube ads. You’d be forgiven for thinking that, following the outcry of politicians and commentators over YouTube’s temporary decision to demonetize the videos of conservative pundit Steven Crowder, who makes money from the ads provided by YouTube’s platform. Crowder had been called out by Vox journalist Carlos Maza for a long history of homophobic abuse , including calling Maza “a lispy queer” and selling T-shirts that say “Socialism Is for Fags.” The incident set a certain set of free-speech warriors ablaze. Ben Shapiro , Joe Rogan , and other pundits who have made their name online for defending free speech—particularly those organized under the umbrella of the so-called “ Intellectual Dark Web ,” or IDW—have made Crowder a martyr of a pernicious war on civil discourse. You’ve probably heard their arguments before: They claim to be opposed to censorship...